For beginners the best time to join is the start of the Michaelmas term (beginning of October). This is when the new beginners’ 8 week classes start. If you would like to start at other times, please email us. Please note, we unfortunately cannot accept complete beginners from January – March.

For those with Judo experience it is possible to join at any time during the year by turning up for an advertised practice session. The first few sessions will be free. After that if you want to continue to train with us, and we hope you will, you need to follow the five steps outlined below. Please contact Carol if you have any questions.

Please note: we obviously have to collect some personal information for members. If you ever want to know what we have, or request removal from our systems, email us.

The 5 Steps

1. Sign up to the mailing list.

Our mailing list advertises changes in training times, social events, and other useful information. To subscribe simply fill in the form here.

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2. Apply for BJA Membership.

New members, including beginners, are required to have British Judo Association membership within 4 weeks of their first training session. BJA membership provides personal injury insurance including personal liability cover should you, however inadvertently, be responsible for injuring another member.

The easiest way to sign up for membership is to complete and submit the online application form on the BJA website. An existing BJA licence may also be renewed on-line. You can also download a form from the BJA website and mail it to BJA Head Office.

If you are an Oxford University student you must join the OUJC. Everyone else, including other students, are member of OCJC. Although they are separate clubs with their own finances and committee structure, training times and sessions are the same for both clubs and completely shared. The only practical difference is that only OUJC members may represent Oxford University competitively against other Universities.

British Judo Association Website

3. Complete the Oxford Judo Membership form.

To become a member of Oxford Judo, please complete your details on the following form and click ‘Submit’. This will add you to our member database, and we’ll issue you with an Oxford Judo membership card. Oxford Judo uses Membermojo, a system for registering and maintaining data on its members.

Oxford Judo Membership Form

4. Get a judo suit.

Members are expected to own their own judo suits (judogi) which should conform to the specification laid down by the International Judo Federation. The club does have a limited number of suits available for hire on a very temporary basis. A judogi can be bought for £20-£50 or more depending on quality specification and club coaches will be happy to give you advice on purchasing judogi. Essimo and Blitz judogi can be obtained through the club at an excellent discounts and occasionally second hand suits become available through the club mailing list.

Beginners will be offered a membership pack for around £30, which will include a judogi and BJA membership.

5. Subscribe and Pay Oxford Judo Membership Fees.

The preferred method of paying fees is monthly by bank standing order.

International students who don’t have a UK bank account may make a single annual payment by cheque or bank transfer payable to Oxford University Judo Club. Please check this in advance with the OUJC Treasurer. Otherwise please proceed as below.

Once you’ve signed up to be part of Oxford Judo (above), fill in the appropriate form from one of the four options below and take it to your bank to set up your standing order. Please quote your BJA licence number for use as the bank reference, if you have one. Once your first monthly payment has been received you will be issued with a uniquely barcoded Oxford Judo membership card.

  • Oxford University students – membership fee for Oxford University students is currently £8/month. This is a year-round cost, and must cover the summer months (if you cancel your standing order over the summer, you will be charged retrospectively in the next term).
  • Oxford city residents – members of the Oxford City Judo Club pay a standard subscription rate, currently £20 per month.
  • Oxford Brookes University Judo Club – Brookes Judo is associated with the Oxford Judo network, so its members are eligible for a special membership rate of £12.50 per month.
  • Oxford University, Oxford Brookes staff members, students at other institutions – fees are at a reduced rate of £14.50 per month
  • Casual visitors may be asked to pay a mat fee of £5 per session.

If you are currently on our beginners’ course, you will be exempt from fees until the end of the 8-week course starting in October but must then pay the appropriate Oxford Judo fees from January 1st.

OU Student Form | Oxford City Club Form | Oxford Brookes Form | Concessionary Form (OU staff, other students)