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Despite being a highly physical contact sport, Judo is also extremely safe. The strict international contest rules of Judo are strongly oriented to maximum safety at all times. The code of etiquette laid down from judo’s earliest days by Professor Kano requires that due respect is shown for teachers and practice partners. Stronger more experienced players are required to take responsibility for the well being of more junior or weaker members of both sexes.

To reinforce this tradition, the club strictly observes all the requirements of the University’s Health and Safety Regulations. We have a written code of practice, a copy of which is available to every club member and, like every other sport in Oxford, we have conducted a risk assessment to identify all possible hazards to members and spectators alike and to ensure that they are minimised.

British Judo Association Membership

Though generally safe, injury is always a possibility (as in any sport), and all members are required to be a member of a national Judo body. We recommend you join the BJA. To apply for BJA membership download an application form or apply online at the BJA website. Membership provides personal injury insurance, including personal liability cover should you, however inadvertently, be responsible for injuring another member. Existing licences can be renewed online.

To join you will need to quote the relevant BJA club registration number which is 16037 for the University Club and 3062 for the Oxford City Club. The BJA area for both clubs is Northern Home Counties.

The Oxford University Judo Club Safety Documentation

Code of Conduct | Code of Practice | Risk Assessment

The above three safety documents are reviewed annually by the Committee in conjunction both with the Oxford University Sports Area Safety Officer and the British Judo Association to ensure that our practices are completely comprehensive and up-to-date. Additionally, the OU Sports Federation Handbook provides comprehensive information and regulations on the running of Sports Clubs with which we are committed to comply.