Oxford Judo is a federation of the Oxford University and Oxford City Judo Clubs whose activities are coordinated and supported by Oxford Judo.  The Chairman of Oxford Judo is also a member of the individual club committees.

Oxford Judo Committee

Honorary Life President – Tony Sweeney (9th dan)
Chairman – Dr Tony Buley (2nd Dan)
Head Coach – Chris Doherty (6th Dan)
Women’s Coach – Carol Doherty (5th Dan)
University Representative and Senior Member – Professor Nick Rawlins
Membership Officer – Greg Mook
Web and IT Officer – Emma Burnett
Publicity & Stash Officer – Paul Beesley

University Club Committee

Chairman – Dr Tony Buley
President – Gregor Cremosnik
Men’s Captain – Pete Miles
Women’s Captain – Emily Hampshire
Treasurer – Ellie Ridge
Secretary – Ella Joyce
Social Sec and Communications Officer – Sanna Djurhuus

City Club Committee

Chairman – Chris Doherty
Secretary – Emma Burnett
Treasurer – Greg Mook
City Club Captain – Carol Doherty
Members – Carol Doherty, Paul Beesley, Tim Maeer

See the OUJC Constitution and the OCJC Constitution for details on the roles of different club members.