Aims and constitution

The aims of Oxford Judo are set out in detail in our Constitution.

We welcome members at all levels and of both sexes from complete beginner to experienced black belt (provided they are over 16). Oxford Judo is a highly integrated mix of student and non-student members, including students from other institutions and members of the general community. Judo is a superb way of keeping fit and active and for some this is incentive enough for practising several times a week. For others it provides a direct route into greater understanding of Japan and Japanese culture. For others it is a route into fighting in competitions at a range of levels.

We encourage all our members to participate competitively in regional and national (or even international) competitions. Additionally, student members may find themselves representing their university in both team and individual student events. Each February, members of the club are selected to represent Oxford in the historic Varsity team matches against Cambridge. In March the annual BUCS National Judo Championships are held where students of Oxford and Oxford Brookes Universities compete in both individual and team events. Many of our coaches successfully compete around the world in Masters championship events. Despite ever increasing standards of competition, we expect to medal every year (see our recent results).

We are keen to attract experienced judoka coming to Oxford, who may well find themselves immediately eligible to represent Oxford on the Varsity Team. But we also cater to complete beginners: many progress very rapidly and it is not unknown for some to acquire brown or even black belt standard after a few years of dedicated training.

The club also welcomes visiting members and has a number of associate members living in the Oxford area.