Oxford Judo has a strong pedigree of competitive performance, and supports all members from novice to advanced interested in competing. Our two major annual competitions are:

  • Varsity – annual team competition with Cambridge. We field:
    • Women’s A Team
    • Women’s B Team
    • Men’s A Team
    • Men’s B Team
    • Women’s City Team
    • Men’s City Team
  • BUCS – British University Championships, open to all students, in addition to the usual gender and weight categories it is also split into grade bands (as well as a team event):
    • low grade division
    • high grade division (brown belt +).

Members may also compete for the prestigious RMO Cup – awarded to the competitor with the most number of ippons, wins, and medals combined during the year.


In addition to regular training, we offer the following competitive support:

  • Competitive focused sessions
  • Subsidised travel and admission to competitions

And the following Blues team specific support: