We are constantly updating our database of former members. If you are a previous member, Oxford Judo is extremely keen to hear from you and what has happened to you in the years since you left Oxford. We are conscious of the global spread of past members now working in places as widely separated as France, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, California, Florida, New York and even, we fear, Cambridge. We would love to hear what you are up to, so please do say hello on the wall at our Oxford Judo Facebook Page, or Contact Us directly. We may be able to put you in touch with old friends from across the growing Oxford Judo Alumni Network. The oldest member of whom we are aware, Sir John Rawlins, was captain of Oxford during the (2nd world) war. Can anyone beat that?

Our wish to keep in touch is irrespective of whether or not you are still practising judo. If you are, then we would be delighted to welcome you back on the mat in the Iffley Road dojo which you will remember from your time as a member. This assumes that you came up after 1964, (unlike our current elderly Chairman who remembers training in Arlosh Hall and even the, now non-existent, Drill Hall in Manor Road). See Training Times for details of when we will be on the mat. Even if you are not still active, we hope that you retain a general interest in the current fortunes of your old club and cherish fond memories of lively randori sessions and hard fought contests with old friends.

Please browse this site for details of past and present club activities. In particular you may be interested in the continuing activities of Oxford and Cambridge Judo and the exchange visits that continue to occur between combined groups of Oxford and Cambridge members and Japanese Universities including Tokyo University Judo Club.

If you would like to make a small (or large!) financial contribution to your old club to support our current activities, then please click one of the Oxford University Just Giving links below to be taken to a donation page.