Meet the coaches

During the beginners’ course this year the main coaches will be Carol and Chris Doherty. They will be accompanied by many of the high grade players you will see at the regular sessions as you start to join in with the rest of the club.

Carol Doherty

Carol has been the beginner and women’s coach extraordinaire for many years now, sparking an interest for the sport in many many players who through Oxford Judo have gone from novices to black belt pros. Carol started judo at age 7, and was already a senior 1st Dan by age 14. She has now climbed to the rank of 5th Dan, and when not doing judo she works as a certified personal trainer. At competitions she’s always willing to stand matside to help out and guide players through their fights.

Chris Doherty

You can’t say Chris without saying judo. Chris is a 6th Dan having started judo at age 14, and currently works as Regional Delivery Officer for the British Judo Association. Ask Chris for anything judo related and he can talk for ages. But really do ask him any questions you might have, as he’s always keen to help players improve. Throughout your time at Oxford Judo you will see Chris at most of your gradings, most of your competitions, most of your training sessions, even most of your socials. Chris lives and breathes judo, and he’s delighted to help anyone who shares his enthusiasm for the sport, no matter how long or short time they’ve been involved.