Dr Tony Buley nominated for 2012 British Judo Award – your vote needed

Tony Buley has been nominated for a 2012 British Judo Award. You can help convert this nomination into an actual award by voting here: http://membersearch.britishjudo.org.uk/survey/index.php

In case you do not know the background, this is the full text of the nomination:

Dr. Tony Buley has been actively involved with Oxford Judo for almost 55 years. Having originally joined the Oxford University Club as a beginner in 1958, becoming Secretary the following year and President in 1962. In 1988 he became the Senior Member and is now Chairman of Oxford Judo which is a close federation of the Oxford City and University Clubs with a joint current membership of about 100, including over 20 Dan grades of both sexes. Dr. Tony Buley currently holds 2nd Dan. Throughout the years, his service to Oxford Judo has been invaluable. He remains a dedicated member of the club and helps with the day-to-day business as well as with long term development plans. As the chairman of the club Dr. Buley is always on hand to advice on development financial and other club matters to the club committee. His contribution to the recent competitive successes of Oxford Judo is recognised and valued by all members. In 2010 he helped to re-introduce the Oxford Town Hall as the venue for the Annual Varsity Judo match between Oxford and Cambridge. The Varsity match was held in the Town Hall in 2010 and in 2012. On both occasions the Varsity Judo match was attended by more than 200 members of general public and it is believed that it helped to significantly raise the awareness about Oxford Judo and judo as a sport within and outside the University. He is also actively involved in shaping the future of all martial arts at the University of Oxford. He held a leading role in writing a grant proposal to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation which will be used to build a new martial arts centre that will accommodate all martial arts clubs at the university. He also tried to share his experience with other university clubs in the country and authored the “HOW TO RUN A STUDENT JUDO CLUB” handbook which is now available on the British Judo Association website.

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