Varsity Match Information

Join us for the celebration of 90 years of Varsity Judo between Oxford and Cambridge! Marking the 90th Anniversary of this event, it is the oldest judo competition outside of Japan. Matches will take place at the Iffley Sports Centre in Oxford on the 29th February. Entry is free and the tickets help us to… Continue reading Varsity Match Information

On Bank Holidays we bank medals

This Bank holiday weekend was filled with everything we love (i.e. judo, ippons, and medals), as Saturday saw the BJA English Open play out in Walsall, while Sunday marked the BJC National Open in Kettering. Oxford sent a strong development group to the English Senior Open in Walsall.  The competition was predictably intense and all competitors will have learnt… Continue reading On Bank Holidays we bank medals

Monday morning motivation

Once again Varsity was filled to the brim with beautiful ippons from our players, worthy of being immortalised on social media. Feel like re-watching Ellie’s drop Seoi-nage, or Mehdi’s Kata-guruma, or maybe Matt’s Uchi-mata? How about all of them and more? Click the video below and enjoy.

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‘Same procedure as last year’ at the Saxony Open

Fun fact: Jim Birnie started attending the annual Saxony Open before many of our current Dan grades even started judo. Otherwise it was business as usual, as our grandmaster’s paid his 7th visit to the tournament in Langenhessen, where he fought in the M7 category. 11 nations were represented at the event, where many fighters return every year… Continue reading ‘Same procedure as last year’ at the Saxony Open