18 July 2015 | Samurai Women’s Open

samurai women's openThis weekend saw Oxford Judo ladies competing at the Samurai Women’s Open. Sarah Murray and Liew Juan Juan first competed in the Kyu grades category, coming away with Silver and Bronze. The lovely ladies (4th Kyu and 5th Kyu respectively) demonstrated great spirit of judo and went on to compete in the open grade category, in pools of 1st Kyus and Dan grades.

Both fought excellently, and Sarah scored ippons against not one, but two (!!), 1st Kyu women; earning her an extremely well-deserved bronze in the open grade category.

Rachel Wheatley and Jordan Doherty competed in the Dan grade categories. Rachel fought in the lightweight 1st Dan group, winning three fights to bring back silver and a nice collection of 2nd Dan points. Jordan fought in the 2nd Dan and above group, and demonstrated some fierce Judo against heavier opponents, also winning Silver from some tough fights. Overall, the day saw the four ladies return with six medals, a 10/10 girls day out!