Successful Saturday seminar with Patrick Cane

The first Oxford Judo Saturday Seminar took place on July 30th in the Dojo and was a big success. 10 players and coaches were instructed by osteopath Patrick Cane from Cane Osteopathy and astonished by what big effect little exercises can have.

Tom Chandler reports from the seminar:

‪I leap at any opportunity to learn how to prevent the vast amount of injures that are associated with judo.  But to do so at such a low price, whilst being instructed by an amazing osteopath like Patrick makes it even more worthwhile. A wide range of skills were covered in the session, from learning how to succesfully warm up/down specific muscles before/after a judo session, to utilising vodoo floss and tennis balls to relax tight muscles and improve your body’s mobility. But the main thing I took from the session is how to tape up my injured muscles, preventing them from further damage. Overall, Patrick hosted an informative and enjoyable session, and I recommend it to anybody who gets the opportunity to attend in the future.

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