Commonwealth Judo Championships success for Oxford Judo

Oxford Judo claim seven Commonwealth medals: four gold, two silver, and one bronze

The 2019 Commonwealth Judo Championships were held in Walsall Birmingham from  25 – 29 September, 2019. This is the first time England has hosted this event since 2002, when it was part of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester. This year’s event saw over 1,000 world class athletes traveling to Walsall, Birmingham from over 20 Commonwealth countries to participate in the competition.

The event featured a broad range of categories including juniors, seniors, veterans, and visually impaired. Seven members of the Oxford Judo squad took part in the event representing England, Wales and Scotland and returned home with an impressive medal haul.

Five of the seven Oxford Judo medalists. Back Row (left to right) coach Carol Doherty, Laura Scarlett-McAllister, Shane Price, James Birnie, front row Abigail Clayton and Chris Doherty.

Full results for Oxford Judo from Commonwealth Judo Championships include golds for:

Emma Burnett, Veterans F2, –57kg
James Birnie, Veterans M8, –81kg
Chris Doherty, Veterans M7, –73kg
Abigail Clayton, Veterans F3, –70kg

Silver medals went to:

Laura Scarlett-McAllister, Veterans F4, +78kg
Shane Price, Veterans M3, –90kg

And a bronze to Alex Hampshire, Juniors –81kg

James Birnie throws for Ippon (maximum score).
Chris Doherty throws for Ippon.
Shane Price throws for Ippon.

The competitors were supported by superb matside coaching Carol Doherty  and club’s head coach Chris Doherty said he was pleased with the “outstanding results from all our players. I’m super proud of Oxford Judo”.

“Although in judo you compete as an individual there is always a team behind you in the preparation. The coaching and team spirit at Oxford Judo is exceptional, and this impressive medal haul from one club is testament to that.”

Abigail Clayton, Gold Medallist

Judo is an excellent way to improve fitness, strength, agility, and confidence, and at Oxford Judo we combine our enjoyment for training and competition with a strong social core. Their regular beginners and re-joiners class begins in early October. Anyone interested in getting involved in Judo should check out our schedule and get in touch if you have any questions!