Kyu grades smashing it at the Northern Home Counties

High Wycombe Kyu GradesAt everyone’s favourite venue to spend Monday night randori six Oxford judoka took the short drive to High Wycombe to participate in the Northern Home Counties kyu grade cup. With a smashing effort orange belt Claudia Havranek took gold after winning all her three fights, two of which were against the heavier weight group.

Brown belts Tom Roach, Robert Stemmons, and Georgie Allsworth all took bronze in each their categories, with Tom winning 4 fights in a huge group.

Georgie also won 7 points towards her dan grade and impressed everyone with one of her deadly tomoe nages, while brown belt Christian Goulart Mc Nerney can add two wins and 10 points towards his dan grade. Robin Allsworth put in a brilliant effort like always, but was unfortunately not able to take home any points at this event.

Well done everyone, those coveted black belts you’re working so hard for are getting closer by the hour!

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